Have you ever come across that person who is always complaining, gossiping, or making negative comments? Before identifying him or her, it can be very difficult to stay away from responding with negativity. Negative people like negative company. Constantly dealing with people who bring negativity into your life or who never fail to bring you […]


Let’s be honest, how many times have we claimed forgiveness on someone but still hold small, bitter grudges? “Forgive and forget” – a phrase coined many years ago that means to, well, forgive and forget whatever dishonorable thing a particular person has said or done to you in order to continue the relationship you’ve always […]


Late night cravings are possibly the worst of temptations and probably of the unhealthiest. Fighting them off is a very difficult thing, as many of us have experienced. But how do you resist that bag of Doritos while watching your favorite TV show or finishing that essay? Here are a few tips to help keep […]


1. Holidays The obvious: it’s holiday season. You may celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or just plain old New Year’s Eve. December means shopping. It means pigging out on all year-round-forbidden foods. And it means seeing family and friends and reconnecting with those who you have maybe lost touch with throughout the entire year. I see […]


There are many things to be thankful for when the Thanksgiving pieces have fragmented into a “disastrous holiday.” This very American, very well planned, very much awaited for holiday may not be the picturesque family-filled weekend. The Away-From-Home Blues Not everyone gets the marvelous chance of traveling home for Thanksgiving as intercontinental trips can result […]