About Carpe Juvenis

Carpe Juvenis is an online publication and community for youth who are determined to make their dreams a reality, who are striving to be better leaders, and who are not just seizing the day, but seizing their youth.

Carpe Juvenis represents the phrase: “Seize Your Youth.” Carpe Juvenis emphasizes the importance of living fully in the present while continuing to think “big picture” about the future and make decisions that will help create a healthy and well-balanced life. The Carpe Juvenis community consists of driven young adults who are ambitious in their endeavors. They are set on creating a positive impact in their communities – locally, nationally, and globally.

We believe that people who are involved and take chances are remarkable. Our mission at Carpe Juvenis is to empower youth to take part in causes and activities, to encourage interpersonal and leadership development, and to inspire youth to be more of who they can and want to be.

Let’s make our youth count!