41 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Day

Dance in the rain Drink hot chocolate Watch a movie Catch up with friends and family Sleep late Relax by meditating Read a good book Cook a meal Bake from scratch Bring out an old board game Try on clothes and create new outfits Experiment with different makeup … Continue reading
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Multitasking 101: 5 Tricks in College

As much as we hate to admit it sometimes, we can’t all be Superman or Superwoman. Finding the time to get daily necessities done, as well as doing things just for pure enjoyment and relaxation, can be difficult. Here are some ways I multitask with my busy college schedule! 1. Work Out Between … Continue reading

Tackling Stress in College

With the start of the second semester of my freshman year, I felt more confident than I did going into my first. However, I didn’t expect the seemingly never-ending workload to start only a few weeks in. This past week has been an extremely stressful week for me where I seem to literally not have … Continue reading

Why You Should Never Settle

In life, we end up settling for a lot of things. We settle for the salad instead of the burger we've been craving all week, or for the steady job instead of pursuing our dream career in music or art. We settle for the little things, and then the big things, and keep telling ourselves that in the … Continue reading