Popular Christmas Movies for 2014

‘Tis the season to stay inside, cuddle up with good friends, and enjoy some of the holiday’s cinematic greats. The Christmas season has inspired some of the most intriguing, touching, and lesson-filled films in cinematic history, and here are some that you might find yourself watching within the next month:

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  1. A Christmas Story

Iconic for its famous “you’ll shoot your eye out” line and for the fact that TBS literally plays it on a 24 hour loop on Christmas, this classic Christmas tale reminds you of the hope and excitement each and every one of us had as Christmas approached each year. The film follows Ralphie and his exploits as he runs from bullies, wears humiliating costumes made by loving relatives, and fights for his right to own a Red Ryder air rifle. All in all, this movie is hysterical and will remind you of all the antics you got into as a child.

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  1. It’s A Wonderful Life

A little less self-deprecating than the first, this film reminds us in a lighthearted fashion that the holidays are not about gifts or decorations: it is about celebrating with loved ones. This film follows George Bailey, a man who had many aspirations and ideas for his future, who ends up with a life he did not vision for himself. Though he loves his family, Bailey feels as though life would be better off without him and that is exactly what he gets. Bailey is visited by an angel who grants him this wish, and shows Bailey just how wrong he his. He touched and impacted so many people in positive ways, which is kind of the point of the holiday: no matter how tough things are, remember that you have a support system to rely on and be relied upon. Plus, when a very special bell rings in the last scene, you will be filled with all kinds of warmth – I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not seen this movie yet!

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  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Both a Christmas and Halloween movie, this Tim Burton film meshes all the best of the spookiest and the happiest holidays respectively. Jack the Pumpkin King feels as though there is something missing; Halloween has become dull. So, in search of something to spice up the festivities, Jack walks dejectedly into the forest outside of the cemetery to find the seven holiday doors. Accidentally opening the portal to Christmas Town, Jack finds elves preparing for the Christmas season and is very impressed by the entire atmosphere of Christmas. What ensues is a wild idea to mix Halloween and Christmas, and crazy happenings such as kidnapping Santa Claus and battling with the Boogie Man occur. This was most definitely my favorite holiday film as a kid and I recommend it to anyone who loves the creativity of the storyline or just the fact that is has songs in it.

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  1. Elf

This film is probably one of the most quoted and Tumblr reblogged Christmas movies ever.  After discovering he is not truly an elf, the movie follows along on Buddy the elf’s journey to find his real dad. This hilarious Christmas story stars a very funny Will Ferrell, and has many scenes that will have you and your friends bent over in laughter, as well as teaching you an appreciation of the child-like belief that Buddy exhibits all throughout the film – maybe growing up is not always the best idea (but inevitable, nevertheless).

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  1. A Christmas Carol

By far one of the most recognizable Christmas tales, A Christmas Carol has been a staple for the holiday season since its publication. Not to mention its many screen reincarnations, this film can be seen in many forms: one could watch the original, the one with Jim Carrey voicing over a cartoon version of the film, or even a Muppets version in which Michael Caine plays the infamous Scrooge. This classic teaches us the importance of not only being thankful for what we have, but also for inspiring us to help others who are less fortunate than we are. Greed is the bane of humanity, and this story does a fantastic job of giving its audience a newfound appreciation of that notion.

What are you watching this holiday season?

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