In a recent interview Oprah Winfrey spoke of when she realized that she could “use television as a service” to make the world a better place. Although the concept almost seems laughable since television can often be stigmatized, that does not mean the idea is untrue. The Oprah Winfrey Show show was famous for launching […]


I pride myself on being punctual, even if I am not always able to achieve that. That is because showing up on time is very easy to do but not always accomplished. Think of how easily you can impress someone just by being prompt. Here are some things to think about concerning your own punctuality. […]


“Treat Yo’ Self” is arguably the most quoted line from the show, Parks and Recreation. It comes from an episode where two characters reveal their annual tradition of spending an entire day doing all the things they like. On this day, money is no object and all negative thoughts are dismissed. You indulge in your […]