The Power of Punctuality

I pride myself on being punctual, even if I am not always able to achieve that. That is because showing up on time is very easy to do but not always accomplished. Think of how easily you can impress someone just by being prompt. Here are some things to think about concerning your own punctuality.

Punctuality Is A Sign Of Respect

Being fashionably late is cool for a reason, right? It can seem that way but that is because it sends a message. That message can be good or bad. Being late in a professional situation says that your time is somehow more valuable than everyone else’s time. Even in a school setting, showing up late tends to affect your grade. Some teachers say that every time someone comes in late, it distracts from the lesson. It seems silly but if every single person is late, it could have a large consequence. In a practical sense, you are getting less work done if you are late. In a larger sense, arriving on time says that you respect someone enough not to waste their time. That message can be invaluable.

Lack Of Punctuality Signals That You Are Irresponsible

I know there are a lot of reasons that you could be late. Maybe your car wouldn’t start or you got into an accident. Anyone can forgive these individual occurrences. One time events likely won’t hurt you in the long run. The real trouble is serial lateness. You cannot claim to be stuck in traffic everyday. If traffic is a big problem for you, you can start leaving earlier. We must all find a way to remove the obstacles that are keeping us from succeeding. There is no need to always be a step behind everyone else.

Don’t Be The Flaky Friend

Your friends and family love you. They don’t hold you to the same standards that work or school might. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. You probably even have friends who don’t care at all when you’re late. It is still important to think about how your actions are affecting others. Your family may worry about you if they have no idea where you are. On the other hand, they might find you unreliable because they never know when you will show up for them. This is all easily fixed just by showing up on time.

Try To Forgive Those Who Are Late

I know I’ve written a lot about why you shouldn’t be late. That said, even though it can be annoying when others are late, try to think of what they might be going through. We never completely know someone else’s situation. It is better to see someone late than not see them at all.

Try to be punctual because it shows others that you value them. Don’t make excuses to keep a bad habit. Learn to improve. Just remember to be kind to others, because every situation is different.

Image: Flickr