Treat Yourself: Take Time For You

“Treat Yo’ Self” is arguably the most quoted line from the show, Parks and Recreation. It comes from an episode where two characters reveal their annual tradition of spending an entire day doing all the things they like. On this day, money is no object and all negative thoughts are dismissed. You indulge in your desires after being responsible the rest of the year. While this was a compelling episode of television, it also struck a cord with viewers because it is an almost universal fantasy. That said, the concept of getting yourself what you want is possible and important to achieve in real life.

We all have responsibilities. We have chores, school, work, bills, and more that need to get done for our lives to run smoothly. However, we also have to remember to give ourselves a break. With the holidays coming up, I have been saving money. I am mostly diligent, but when time and money allow, I will treat myself to a coffee or a movie. I don’t necessarily need those things but they are little pleasures that can make my day better. Being the best version of yourself does not mean you stop enjoying yourself.

I am not saying there are no rules to treating yourself in real life. You should never do anything to hurt yourself or others. I would also advise against doing anything illegal. You should also live within your means as you will still have bills the rest of the year. Other than that, this day can be your own.

While having a whole day where anything could happen would be lovely, I think the main lesson is to remember to take time to enjoy yourself. Some diets have cheat days, and a budget can have them too. While it is important to be responsible, it’s also important not to make yourself miserable.

It if helps, make it a Treat Yo’ Self day. Here are some ways to do so:

  1. Pick a day where you will schedule nothing. Keep yourself free so you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.
  2. Invite with some friends if you think they’ll help you on this adventure.
  3. Think of all the things you would want to do if you just had the time. Once you know what you want, you can find a way to put your idea into action.
  4. Think positive. Don’t put any limits on yourself. If you spend time thinking about all the things bothering you, you might not be able to enjoy what is in front of you.
  5. Have fun.

Find your passion and pursue it. Even if you can’t spend an entire day doing what you want, you can find a time to do something. It doesn’t have to involve spending money or be a nonstop thrill ride. Just make sure you are taking time for you. You deserve it.

How would you “Treat Yo’ Self”?

Image: NBC Parks and Recreation