How Mantras Will Change Your Life

“I will receive as much as I do.” This simple statement helped me get through my senior year of college, which included an internship, a leadership position in a student organization, a full load of classes, and many other stressors. The simplicity of this one mantra (also known as an … Continue reading

Workout Recipes: Before and After

What you put into your body before and after working out is important to ensure you get the right mix of vitamins and nutrients. It is especially important to find the right fuel if you are physically active (which you should be!). Each person’s body reacts differently to different ingredients … Continue reading

Yoga: Not Just a Physical Workout

What if I told you that yoga is not just a physical work out? In fact, the Washington, DC yoga community is boycotting the “yoga tax” under the premise that the purpose of yoga is not purely exercise, but rather a union of body, mind, and spirit. The literal meaning of the word yoga is just … Continue reading