The Power of Random Acts Of Kindness

There is a quote by Aesop which says, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” I have never seen that statement disproved. I am sure you have seen those articles on the Internet claiming to restore your faith in humanity by mentioning a few random acts of kindness. A random act of kindness is simply helping others without being asked. Reading about these wonderful moments can be pleasant, but being a part of them can be even more enjoyable. Many people like accepting gifts from others, but doing nice things for others can be just as rewarding.

You never know when a simple act can brighten someone’s day. It can be easy. My father will sometimes surprise me by buying me breakfast, just because he’s thinking of me. Kindness can mean just as much coming from a stranger. All people deserve to be cared for. Thinking of someone else’s happiness for even a moment can make them feel cared for.

Doing a random act of kindness can actually make you feel better, as well. It is hard to see anyone suffering. If you are able to help anyone, it could lift you up. Helping someone could be as easy as giving someone a milkshake on a bad day, giving someone your seat on the bus, or donating your hair to Locks of Love. Even something as little as buying a sandwich for someone who is starving will cost you very little, but will help someone else a lot. Through my experiences and stories from others, I know that whenever you help someone out, it stays with you. Giving joy and seeing joy can make you happy. It’s as much a gift to you as it is to someone else.

Take the time to help someone else. Don’t wait for someone to ask you to step up when you see someone in need. A kind act can be uplifting for everyone involved. Find your way to help and do it. There is a website called The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation which carries ideas to help others. It also features stories of when people were helped or when they helped others. It just might inspire you in time for World Kindness Day on November 13. So, why wait? You can’t lose. Just remember that even the smallest act can have a grand effect on someone.

When have you done a random act of kindness?

Image: Jennifer