5 Resolutions to Reboot Your Energy in 2015

New Year’s resolutions can feel like a looming cloud over your new year. It’s about that time right after the holiday weight has set in that you vow to go to the gym way more times than you’re actually capable of getting yourself in your running shoes. It’s tempting to over-promise, but don’t do it. Eventually, your strict regimen is destined for failure. Instead of overwhelming yourself in January only to fall flat the rest of the year, consider rebooting for 2015. Here are five simple resolutions that you can actually follow through with.

1. Drink more water

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, but did you know that water keeps your skin clear, prevents kidney issues, helps to energize muscles, and so much more? Drink at least one glass with every snack and meal and you’re sure to be on the right track to consistent water in-take. Within an hour of waking up, drink hot water with lemon to cleanse the stomach and start the day off on the right foot. If you get bored with just plain H2O throughout the day, try some of these fun variations.

2. Try yoga or meditation

If you haven’t taken a deep, calming yoga breath, 2015 is the time to do it. Whether you’re a novice or advanced yogi, there are endless ways to get into this amazingly beneficial activity. The word “yoga” translated from Sanskrit literally means union. Balance between body and mind is key in both yoga and meditation, so set a goal or intention in the New Year, and center yourself while going after it. Whether you choose to do so through yoga or meditation, try to find a union between whatever it is you need to reconcile. For some simple rebooting, try these fifteen poses to help you sleep better and wake up refreshed.

3. Sleep more

Lots of us just finished final exams and a stressful shopping season with sleep low on the priority list. In 2015 make a commitment to reach deep and sustained sleep in order to reboot your waking hours; you will not be able to accomplish even your most basic goals if you brain is running on empty. Though at times you may think that you need to pull an all nighter, sleep is always the most beneficial and restorative activity for your body, especially in times of stress. If you need any more convincing, read more here.

4. Go meat-less (for a while)

Diet is essential in maintaining sustained energy throughout the day. Many people find it beneficial to support a vegetarian life style both on a personal level and in terms of the environment. We are not saying you have to go without bacon for the rest of your life, but if you’re looking to restart your body, and meat or dairy cleanse could be just what the doctor ordered. Follow the #MeatlessMonday movement or move at your own pace. Learn about some of the benefits from Women’s Health Magazine.

5. Take a steam

Nothing says detox like taking a steam in a sauna or hot shower, especially after a work out. Sweating it out is great for relaxation, if nothing else. If you’re feeling especially in need of a special boost, try rubbing essential oils such as lavender or wild orange on your hands and breathing them in slowly and deeply with the steam. Taking the time out to engage another sense, such as smell, will really add to the relaxation experience and help your mind reboot just as your body is.

Before you enter into 2015, think about the small ways you can make a big impact on your life. Switch it up, give yourself time to restore energy, and don’t set any resolutions that you are not determined to see through. To make sure that you do not forget about these great little improvements for the year, keep them in a visible place with encouraging reminder. You can do it! 2015 is going to be the best yet.

Image: PicJumbo