The Breakdown and Benefits of Tea and Coffee

I’m sure you’re well into your semester and the homework has been piling up. It’s getting a bit hard to get up in the morning, isn’t it? Last time, we discussed the joy that is waking up to tea or coffee. But, you thought, there are so many types of teas and coffees and the menu at Starbucks is so intimidating! Well, let me help you out a bit:


Ah, yes. The traditional, reliable, sometimes too bitter coffee. Don’t get me wrong. Coffee smells lovely. But I have a weak tummy, so coffee is no good for me. There are people who drink this stuff black, or they get some with a bit and milk and sugar. Coffee helps you stay alert, and is a sharp wake up call for those who really need it.


It’s the coffee without the sugar and milk. It’s black, strong, and short. Bam! Drink at your own risk. It’s a dose of caffeine and I’ve met people who get headaches from these, so take care when ordering one of these.


Espresso + hot water. Watered down espresso. You can take it with milk, but a great way to drink it is to take it iced.


Espresso + chocolate. It also has steamed milk, but it’s stronger than a cappuccino. It’s good to try something new, and most people just get coffee in the morning, so this might be a good alternative if you want to try something new!


Coffee with steamed milk, nice and frothy. It’s good for someone with a sweet tooth because you can add some chocolate on top. It’s not as strong as coffee, but is stronger than a latte.


Coffee but less bitter. It’s really sugary and I don’t see people in my morning classes drinking these very much. After all, it’s just like a cappuccino but with much, much more milk so it’s not too strong, but it tastes nice and fluffy! The pumpkin spice latte is all the rage these days…


This is a classic Starbucks drink. Coffee + flavoring (strawberries, pumpkin spice, whatever)+ice+whipped cream. It’s the large drink you would see people holding in the street with all the stuff on top. It’s really amazing, with all the variations of flavor ranging from vanilla to mint, depending on the time of year and location and whatever Starbucks is marketing at the time. Unlike the above drinks, this one is trademarked, but I’m sure there are other coffee places who make similar beverages.

*Coffee is good against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. It is also helpful with certain cancers and heart rhythm problems, as well as strokes. All the drinks listed above have coffee in them, so take your pick!

Caffeinated tea.

The slightly weaker wake up call, but a wake up call nonetheless. Black tea, green tea, they both have caffeine like coffee, but not as much. Tea in general is good for your health, and it fixes things up in your body so it’s good to drink if you’re feeling sick and you’re not sure if you have a cold. It’s a bit more gentle than coffee, but still has a boost.

*Green tea health benefits: improves blood flow, lowers cholesterol, prevents heart-­related issues such as high blood pressure and heart failure, prevents against Alzheimer’s disease related plaques, helps healthy cells grow, and creates a calming effect through a chemical called theanine

Herbal tea.

My favorite is herbal tea. They’re good for sensitive tummies or for when you’re feeling super sick but you have a test and you can’t miss it. They’re teas like ginger tea or fruit teas, and don’t have caffeine. They can be more gentle, like camomile, but may not wake you up. It depends on how you feel and what you need, but sometimes you just want to hold a cup of warmth in your hands, and this is perfect for that.

Don’t forget…

Orange juice, milk, and water. Remember those? Elementary school breakfasts always had these, and for good reason. People who are busy from the moment they wake up are really doing something to their bodies, and it’s good to give it the nutrients it needs.

I hope you find the drink that suits you best, and to try new things once and a while if you dare. Be healthy and hydrated, and don’t forget to eat too!

*research of health benefits found from

Image: Nomadic Lass, Flickr


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