5 Tips for Planning Out Your Day: High School

Keeping track of homework assignments, sports games, music lessons, extracurricular clubs, and social activities can be challenging. High school can be the best time to explore all of these great things, but learning to juggle them requires major organization. These are tips that we find useful when we have busy schedules and want to plan out our days.

1. Pack up before bed. High school is often characterized by late nights of projects and studying, and a strict wake-up time, sometimes as early as 6:30am! Packing up your backpack and gym bag before bed, as well as choosing an outfit for the next day, usually takes around ten minutes. If you simply crawl into bed without this small preparation, you might find yourself groggily trying to stuff things in your beg before running out the door. Packing the night before means remembering all of your homework, and having extra time in the morning to either sleep, eat breakfast, take a shower, or simply prepare mentally for the day ahead.

2. Pack a snack. This tip may sound silly, but throwing a granola bar/apple/banana into your bag before you leave the house in the morning can make all the difference between classes. That small burst of energy will enable you to stay awake through your third class and power on!

3. Decide what to do during free period. If you have a “free block” during the day – meaning there is no scheduled class but a block of free time – decide what to do during that time. Rather than letting an hour slip by, choose an assignment, project, or miscellaneous task to accomplish. It might be hard to pull yourself away from friends, but using that precious time wisely might allow you a full extra hour of sleep that night!

4. Use a planner. We have said it once and we will say it again: planners are essential! When you receive syllabi from your teachers at the beginning of the semester, write down when all major projects and tests are due so you can focus your attention to the immediate rather than worrying about future assignments. Using a planner in high school can also help you keep track of club meetings and outside-of-class help meetings. An organized planner usually results in a relaxed mind!

5. Dress the part. You may have heard this mantra when it comes to job interviews, but it also applies to school and class. Keep in mind that dressing that part does not necessarily mean wearing a suit and tie, but rather maintaining a strong level of appropriateness while attending class and interacting with your advisors and teachers. Throwing on sweatpants and a sweatshirt might be the most comfortable option, but it can also be viewed as sloppy and inconsiderate to your teachers who prepare lessons for class everyday. Keep in mind that when it comes to asking for college recommendations or job references, having looked presentable will surely give you an extra edge.

How do you plan out your day?