La Vie Boheme – Bohemiafy Your Room in 5 Easy Steps

Bohemiafy (bo-heem-ee-uh-fye): the act of transforming something into a beautiful boho paradise.

It should be a real word, because there’s nothing better than living and breathing in a Bohemian oasis day in and day out. It’s inspiring, warm and comforting. The Bohemian life is all about existing freely and colorfully, and you can bring a little of that freedom into your space with ease.

I just want to preface this thing with a quote from Grease (obviously).

“The rules are, there ain’t no rules.”

Anything goes; the Bohemian style is all about self-expression. Don’t worry if something is “boho” enough or not. We’ve stepped into a rule-free zone now, so throw all your stylebooks out the window and get ready to decorate your room with things that make your own heart sing.

Now that we’ve cleared the air, I have a few tips to get you started.

1. Don’t shy away from colors and patterns.

I know I said there are no rules, and I still mean it… mostly. Except that you can’t have a Bohemian space without color and pattern. Aim for bold and eclectic.

If you aren’t sure what would possibly match that elaborately patterned blanket, I can tell you that an elaborately (differently) patterned pillow will do the trick. There’s no such thing as “too much” in this style. When it comes to color, deep reds and purples, and warm greens and golds are some of my personal favorites.

2. Tapestries and flowy fabrics are your friends.

Like colors and patterns, the more flowing fabric, the merrier. Hang it wherever the heck it will fit! You can drape a few patterned shawls over the window, and hang tapestries on the ceiling and walls. Layering your bed with patterned blankets and pillowcases is fun, too.

Shopping for these items can be a bummer, because quality tapestries and quilts tend to be pricey. There are several options for those of us on a budget. First we can improvise by hanging patterned bandanas, shawls and scarves (I have way overused this strategy). Second, smoke shops typically carry some fairly inexpensive yet gorgeous tapestries; if you’re not comfortable visiting one, don’t sweat it. Thrift and consignment stores can carry some serious hidden gems, and so does Amazon.

3. Get some green in there.

The Bohemian life is spent wandering and taking in nature’s beauty. Bring plants into your space; they add a wonderful touch. Those of us with black thumbs may start with plants like succulents, which require minimal care.

4. Use everyday objects as décor.

I used old necklaces to tie my curtains back, and the books I’m waiting to read or have already read look great stacked with knick knacks on top. Find some random mirrors and picture frames at a thrift store (there are always endless mirrors and frames at thrift stores) and hang em’ up together! It’s all about getting creative with what you have and what you can find.

5. Hang some beads and feathers. Matter of fact, just hang anything…

One of my favorite things about Bohemian rooms is the fluidity of so many items hanging from the ceiling, walls, windows, shelves and doorways. My favorite addition to my room is my dreamcatchers, which hang from little hooks I screwed into the ceiling. It took me about five minutes. Hang some beaded curtains, bead your lampshade, hang flowers from the ceiling, anything.

A tip for beaded stuff: avoid those cheapo rainbow plastic beads. They can take it from gorgeous to garish pretty fast.

Aside from expressing yourself, the other thing I suggest is, take your time. The perfect knick knacks and fabrics may not all show up at once. Collect as you go, the way the gypsies do.

What tips do you have for creating a boho bedroom? Let us know below in the comments section!

Image: Liz Jester