#UberPUPPIES: The New Stress Reliever for Students

Students have begun their second semester, preparing themselves for the ever-impending workload that each semester brings. Sometimes students tend to overthink their abilities and schedules, and overwork themselves to their breaking point. Stress relievers vary by person – one person might enjoy taking a nap, playing video games, or working out, while another person likes going for a walk, or just spending a night with friends and away from homework. One less commonly known stress reliever is relaxing with puppies, and some colleges are beginning to offer a day during the semester (usually towards the end when all the work piles up) where they bring puppies to campus to help destress their students. To encourage and help this movement, Uber is teaming up with local animal shelters in certain cities to bring you puppies!

You heard that right. #UberPUPPIES. For $20-30, puppies are brought to your door for 15 minutes so you can play with them. Along with this convenient set up, if you end up falling in love with the puppy on the spot, the drivers bring adoption sheets so you can adopt the pet right then and there (check with your college’s policy on pets before you make that final decision though). #UberPUPPIES is now available in several cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, D.C., Cleveland, Dallas, and Indianapolis. However, according to News for Shoppers, if you are too far outside of the specific zone, then they unfortunately won’t deliver you puppies.

In cities like Philadelphia, all proceeds go to the PSPCA (Philadelphia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and when Uber brings the puppies, a PSPCA rep will be on-site to help with the adoption process if that’s on your mind. Uber’s website has a listing of where Uber Puppies exists, how it works, and a step-by-step on how the adoption process would go.

In the past, Uber has paired up with local shelters around colleges and brought puppies to campus. This happened on campuses such as Stanford, UC Davis, Santa Clara University. And during the Super Bowl, along with the Puppy Bowl, Uber pairs up with local shelters in 10 lucky cities to bring them puppies and cuddles. Much of these efforts are to help clear out shelters in these heavily populated areas, but also to help stressed out people – both on college campuses and in offices – find a new method of relaxing and de-stressing. So instead of reaching for that third or fourth cup of coffee or choosing to pull an all-nighter, check into your local area and see if you are within an #UberPUPPIES zone.

Universities across the country are starting to bring dogs on campus for puppy therapy, realizing the connection between destressing and playing with animals. A librarian at Emory University recalled to USA Today that they saw a student smile for the first time after enjoying time with the puppies. Some colleges are even allowing pet-friendly dorms where students can bring their dogs and cats from home. Harvard Medical School and Yale Law School both have resident therapy dogs that can be checked out from the library like a book.

A few years ago, Indiana University started “Rent-a-Puppy” day, where, for $5, students could book some time with a puppy from an animal shelter, and could adopt them also if parting was too difficult. Colleges are beginning to understand that sometimes the best stress relievers for some students aren’t to go workout and sweat their problems out, or to lay down on their therapist’s couch – but instead bury their face in the ball of fluff and love.

Image: Flickr