Ingredient 101: Grapefruit


Whether you scoop it out or slice it up, grapefruit is juicy, sweet, and delicious. A perfect addition to breakfast or a tasty midday snack, grapefruit is undoubtedly good for your health.

1. Grapefruits are full of lycopene, which protects skin from UV damage. Eat lots of grapefruit not only in the summer, but also in the winter.

2. Grapefruit helps detox the liver – it’s a very cleansing fruit.

3. Not only does grapefruit provide a boost in metabolism, but it can also aid in weight loss.

4. To get blood flowing to your skin and nails, eat grapefruit. The flavonoids have anti-inflammatory benefits while also improving blood vessel function.

5. Jam-packed with vitamin C, grapefruit helps strengthen your immune system. Eat up!

Image: Carpe Juvenis

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