The Genius (and Updates) of Snapchat

Social media minions, if you haven’t done so yet, take a second to update your Snapchat.

Snapchat has become a legendary app. It encompasses everything involving sharing bits and pieces of your day with your friends and followers. Organizations have partnered with Snapchat to promote their events through a live feed, and this platform has essentially moved the spotlight from teenagers sending each other random photos, to involving companies creating corporate business deals. It has, in a sense, become revolutionary – it has forced companies and event planners to take a step back and promote their brand through a new medium.

Personally, Snapchat has taken part in my life since its early days. This is the application where I just may send my best friend selfies looking like a sleep-deprived- coffee-binging-alien as I study, holding a large coffee beside my colossal marketing textbook, or smiling through my cucumber green-facial mask-smothered face. It’s where I will send you snaps of scrumptious meals, fabulous weather, and must-go-to-events.

This is also the application where I have to plug my iPhone into my speakers in order to send you a selfie video of me singing to a song that I do not come close to qualifying as a worthy cover artist.

As may know, Snapchat has just released the latest version of the app on February 18, 2015.The new update has left users in a pool of joy – including me. Users can now let their smartphone play music from iTunes, Spotify, and Sound Cloud while recording videos. Before this update users had to use Mindie, an application that allowed music to play simultaneously. Snapchat shutdown Mindie just before the release of this new update. Extra efforts are no longer necessary for vivid video snaps.

I think their latest update, 9.2.0, puts into function a feature that should have been installed as a part of the app from the beginning. However, apparently this feature wasn’t on everyone’s mind. Instagram, Vine, and iPhone’s default camera also neglected to include music playing while recording. I applaud Snapchat for steering themselves ahead of the game. As for “bug fixes and improvements to make Snapchat faster” thanks Snapchat, those are always welcome, too.

I’m excited about this new update – it not only satisfies the demands of current users but it also makes social media life easier. In addition to their latest feature, I can’t neglect to mention the highly talked about “discover” feature. This was last month’s update which – I’m sure you’ve heard by now, is a screen of twelve media icons that serve as news platforms in that particular sector be it fashion, food, travel, sports, politics, etc. These editions or stories are available to the user for 24 hours and they come in multiple mediums like video, text, and photo to fully engage the viewer. Perhaps this is a great way to create a sort of liaison between a disengaged younger audience and paying more attention to the news.

Do you think that Snapchat hit or miss, here? Sometimes I wonder whether or not companies should stick to what they know. It’s interesting to recognize interest in expansion and the implementation of ideas, but I don’t know if I can see Snapchat as a news provider. Personally, I prefer sticking to more traditional resources. What are your thoughts?

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