Trains: A Transportation Worth Trying

Traveling between my native Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. has become routine for me since starting school at The George Washington University nearly four years ago. After a couple of tedious, traffic-filled car rides and even more horrendous experiences with buses (think overflowed bathrooms and broken air conditioners), I’ve decided trains are without-a-doubt the best method of transportation there is. Here’s why.

  1. Trains are relaxing and convenient. Their movement gently sways side-to-side, the quiet murmur of people is calming, and the cushioned seats provide the perfect amount of leg room. This combination always creates an ideal environment to do homework, read, doze off, or just sit in peace with your thoughts. When time is not a serious constraint, might as well choose a method of transportation that makes the journey just as enjoyable as the destination. Additionally, trains are amazingly convenient in their free Wifi and easy ticket purchase. Traveling can be stressful enough as it is, so why not make the voyage as painless as possible?
  2. Call me a romantic, but something about a train is beautifully nostalgic. Looking out the window at the quickly passing scenery often leaves me thinking about the early 20th century, a time when the train was somewhere between luxurious and adventurous. While some trains served the saltiest caviar and finest wine like the infamous Orient Express, many carried brave souls traveling for work, to run away, or to simply start a new life. When I’m on the train, I just can’t help but think about those who rode the tracks before me and what adventure I’ll find when I arrive at the destination.
  3. Finally, trains have specialized cars – the quiet car and, of course, the café car. If you are the type of person who relishes in silence, find your paradise by sitting in the train’s quiet car, where cell phones and talking louder than a whisper is prohibited. If you’ve worked up an appetite after all that serious relaxing, you’re in luck because most trains even have a café car that serves coffee, pasties, sandwiches, and other tasty items. Trains, you rock.

Image: Unsplash