Why You Should Never Settle

In life, we end up settling for a lot of things. We settle for the salad instead of the burger we’ve been craving all week, or for the steady job instead of pursuing our dream career in music or art. We settle for the little things, and then the big things, and keep telling ourselves that in the end it will be for the better.

Unfortunately, life is short. The message of Carpe Juvenis is to #SeizeYourYouth and to live your life right now. Don’t wait for later to pursue your passions. And with this comes the idea of never settling.

A lot of the time we coordinate the phrase “never settle” with the concept of relationships. But not settling applies to all aspects of life and is something that you should live your life by. You never know when a chapter in your book is going to be closed or a page might turn, which is why it is important to do what you love and be happy doing it and to never settle. We spend such a huge portion of our lives caring what other people will think of us if we wear our favorite orange sweater out in public or if we decide to go to the gym even though we’re desperately out of shape. Instead of caring about what others think, care about what you think and do whatever brings you joy and the feeling of accomplishment.

At the end of the day, your happiness is most important. And while there’s no time frame on chasing your dreams, you won’t be young forever. Live your life to the fullest, seize your youth, and never, ever settle.

Here are some real life examples for daily ways to keep yourself from having to settle:

  • Work hard in school and complete all assignments on time so you don’t have to settle for a college or job you don’t truly want
  • Stay dedicated to your job so you can afford to purchase that item you’ve been saving up for
  • Hold your friends accountable to being on time and following through on commitments (and do the same!)
  • Plan study dates with friends so you can get the A you need to keep your GPA high
  • Practice for an interview ahead of time so that you don’t bomb it and have to settle for a different job you’re less excited about
  • Eat a healthy homemade meal so you can enjoy an indulgent treat later in the day, guilt-free
  • Go window shopping with your friends instead of going on a shopping spree so that you can continue to pay your bills on time

Image: Gratisopgraphy