Youth’s Highest Honor

Our book, Youth’s Highest Honor: Your Guide to the Congressional Award and Building Life Skills, is now available where books are sold! As we’ve shared in past articles (here and here), we have both been a part of the Congressional Award program and have earned our Gold Medals from Congress. After dealing with an array of obstacles and delays, we wrote this book to help others navigate the Award program more successfully. We share their personal challenges and lessons learned to help others achieve their own success.

Created in 1979, the Congressional Award is a program that teaches invaluable life skills through participation in community service, personal development, physical fitness, and expeditions/explorations. Participants earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certificates and Medals from the United States Congress.

Regardless of what you look like, where you live, or how you were raised, being a young adult is difficult. Inevitably the years of high school and college are filled with anxiety and confusion, but they’re also the most opportune years for self-exploration and discovery. With the chaos of youth comes the ability to shape yourself into the best version of who you choose to be; knowing the tools to shape yourself is the tricky part.

In Youth’s Highest Honor, we offer a roadmap to optimizing the Congressional Award experience by explaining the Award program areas and guidelines in an easy-to-understand format and by providing real-life examples of what to do – and what not to do. This step-by-step guide – filled with useful tips, advice, and resources to consult when needed – demystifies the process of earning the Congressional Award.

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