What do books, bullying prevention, breast cancer, AIDs, and domestic violence awareness all seem to have in common? They all find philanthropic awareness geared toward their causes in the month of October.

Most months support whole lists of causes, from Mental Wellness Month in January to Yoga Month in September. However, October has proven to be one of the most exciting months for advocacy. The causes listed above are just a few items out of a list of twenty or so organizations, and there are plenty of ways in which people can get involved.

With National Book Month, one can participate by encouraging all-things-literary like reading to a child or donating books to one of these ten places, so that those in less fortunate circumstances can still receive the opportunity to read and learn. Literature opens the mind up to all new possibilities in education and creativity, which is why there is a month dedicated to promoting it.

There are also multiple chances throughout the month to get involved in supporting organizations monetarily. Participation in walks for breast cancer and AIDs research has declined in recent years and your participation in such activities could help eradicate such diseases from our world. Nevertheless, if donating is not an option for you, just aiding the cause by spreading awareness can go a long way. Wearing pink for breast cancer or orange for bullying prevention, and posting news about advocacy groups online can foster a sense of charity and generosity which each advocacy group can benefit from.

One related issue I got to experience this month was the slam poetry production headlined by G. Yamazawa, which touched heavily on domestic abuse. Seeing as how October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, my university decided to showcase the issue for students to learn about and understand the issue being presented.

I saw this as important because as a part of the current youth and future leading generations of America, it is vital that we take opportunities to give back and help out. We need to seize these chances to better the future and create favorable circumstances for younger generations. Each month has tons of awareness organizations and advocacy groups laying claim to them for special attention in the media, so there is no excuse for a lack of activities to get involved in. So when you see links or posts that ask for support for causes that interest you, get involved and carpe juvenis!

Image: The Pattern Library