As soon as the New Year had hit, I realized I had not thought of any resolutions for myself. I brought this up to my best friend who was with me, and she concluded that she was going to give up chocolate; everything from drinks to the actually candy bar. I immediately responded that she was crazy, and that giving up chocolate for an entire year would be a near-impossible thing to do. But after I thought about it, I reasoned that it could be done in steps. Instead of giving up chocolate entirely, maybe I could give up chocolate every other month. And even though giving up chocolate may seem like a trivial goal, it got me to thinking that truly anything can be done if we just break things into baby steps and work toward them day-by-day.

We can truly accomplish so much if we just take the goals that seem too big to conquer and make them smaller. If you have writer’s block, write one sentence a day. If you need to save money but also need to pay your bills, put aside $5 a week. There are so many small things we can do to impact our lives in a positive way.

With the New Year already here and not just beginning, I wanted to share my minor resolution and remind you that you don’t have to wait to chase your dreams or goals. Start traveling to all 50 states now by planning to go to the ones closest to you first. Start running for 15 minutes a day until you can run for 30 with the same energy and then an hour. The opportunities are endless, and a virtual blank slate awaits you. Seize the day and Seize Your Youth.

Image: Nicolette Pezza