Meet the Founders

Catherine and Lauren Jessen

Welcome to Carpe Juvenis! We’re Lauren Jessen (right) and Catherine Jessen (left). As you might be able to tell, we’re sisters. We started Carpe Juvenis because we wanted to create a community that we wish we had when we were teenagers. We realized the importance of not just seizing the day, but seizing every day, especially when we’re young. Carpe Juvenis is your spot for getting inspired and discovering the incredible things people are doing!

In addition to running Carpe Juvenis, we released our first book, Youth’s Highest Honorthis August.

lauren and catherine ca award dinner 2014

Lauren Jessen, Co-Founder

Every year since 7th grade, Lauren attended academic summer programs (yes, for fun!) and completed internships, and she was constantly motivated by the ambitious kids around her doing cool things. As a result of those many years of endless inspiration, Carpe Juvenis was born. When she’s not writing for Carpe Juvenis, you can find Lauren at a movie theater or burning soufflés in the kitchen. Follow Lauren on Twitter!

Catherine Jessen, Co-Founder

Catherine graduated from the George Washington University in 2014, where she studied Political Science and Women’s Studies. She can almost always be found searching for the best bubble tea in town (if you have any suggestions tweet her here!).

Keep on seizing your youth!