What I Learned as a College Athlete

Every year, my college’s athletics program puts on a dinner for the athletes and hand out awards to deserving students for their athletic and academic achievements. It’s a night to commemorate the hard work that is being put in every day as both a student and an athlete, which is not always an … Continue reading

Protein Alternatives & Recipes

Vegetarians and vegans are getting more recognition as of late with their specific dietary choices, but one of the most common questions that they are asked is, how do they get their protein? Protein is one of the building blocks for your body; they break down amino acids and help with cell growth … Continue reading

The Impact of a Life: Personal Influence

“Ordinary riches can be stolen from a man. Real riches cannot. In the treasury house of your soul, there are infinitely precious things that may not be taken from you.” -Oscar Wilde My mother recently found the above quote, written by my grandmother, on the back of a greeting card while she … Continue reading
Flowers at Pike Place 2

Looking Forward to Spring

Today, March 20, marks the first day of spring! Spring arrived quickly and without much of a trace, and for most of us it might still feel like winter. The sun staying out later in the evening has been a welcomed change. Now all we need are higher temperatures! Here's what we are looking forward … Continue reading