Six Layers of a City’s Skin

Most people eventually graduate from a tourist into a traveler, and when they do, they realize that all they want to do is get under the skin of a city. At least, that’s what I want to do. Getting under is no easy feat. When I first started traveling, I wanted to see everything. Every few days, … Continue reading

7 Fascinating Facts About Iceland

I visited Iceland in May and I can’t lie— it’s the most fascinating country I’ve ever been to. Iceland is a land of lava and ice where geysers burst, glaciers glimmer, and valleys of all colors stretch into the horizon. Here is a list of some fascinating things about … Continue reading

Skip the Cliché, Seek the Unorthodox

There’s something undefinably pleasing about knowing you’re the first, only, or one of the few. Perhaps it hearkens back to our primordial roots, the ones that spread from Africa to the Americas in pursuit of survival by any means necessary. When our prehistoric cousins finally did discover … Continue reading