How Blogging Can Change the World

We at Carpe Juvenis have discussed how writing for pleasure can help you think. It can help you discern the intention behind your actions and the actions of others. It can lead you to invent new options and strategies for engaging in life. It can shape your self-perception and identity. In short, … Continue reading

Fake Your Way to Success

It might sound like cheating – it’s not! To start, let’s clarify that we at Carpe Juvenis are not condoning fraud to achieve your goals – that sort of behavior harms others and can have disastrous consequences from an ethical and legal standpoint. In contrast to that, acting a certain way … Continue reading

Skip the Cliché, Seek the Unorthodox

There’s something undefinably pleasing about knowing you’re the first, only, or one of the few. Perhaps it hearkens back to our primordial roots, the ones that spread from Africa to the Americas in pursuit of survival by any means necessary. When our prehistoric cousins finally did discover … Continue reading