New Nestlé Product Could Be the Answer to Our Post-Thanksgiving Heft

Nestlé is infamous for many products; I will never forget the excitement I would feel whenever my mother would whip out a container of Nestlé’s powdered chocolate milk. However, it is not chocolate milk or even baby formula that is putting Nestlé at the forefront of health news. The company recently released news about “Exercise in a Bottle” and if it does what they say it can do, this product could mean great things.

The Scientists at the Nestlé Institute for Health Science have found that working on a specific enzyme, AMPK, that, when controlled, stopped the liver’s production of fat. These scientists have coined this enzyme the “metabolic master switcher,” but still reiterate the idea that regular exercise along with use of the product is the best option.

This product will most likely be marketed to people with Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, and other metabolism related issues. Nevertheless, the scientists explain that this will most likely be safe for normal use instead of a constant exercise routine after research has been completed on the product. So who’s to say that people with functioning metabolisms cannot use them? After reading this article, one of my friends suggested selling these bottles post-holiday feasts like Thanksgiving. Once you have filled up on stuffing, mashed potatoes, and turkey, instead of feeling lethargic and guilty for a few days you could just down some “Exercise in a Bottle.” Jokes aside, whether or not this product will become geared towards public use is still up in the air, but the fact that scientists have figured out a way for people to regulate their own metabolism and possibly cure their infirmities is miraculous.

Image: Pedro Angelini