The Internet Lately: 6 Videos From the Week

Whether you are a self-professed media geek (guilty as charged) or are simply looking for a boost to your weekend party small talk, here is a roundup of the coolest, most innovative, creative, and significant videos we’ve seen on the Internet recently.

1. Actress and activist Eva Longoria’s recently released documentary, “Fair Food,” advocates for the rights of farmers in the U.S. The Fair Food Program, on which the documentary focuses, hopes to increase the price of produce in our country from 1 penny to 2 pennies per pound, which would double the salaries of farmers. You will be both entertained and informed by Longoria’s recent interview with Stephen Colbert. So far, McDonalds, Chipotle, and Burger King have pledged to join the Fair Food Program.

2. What do you get when you cross fashion, technology, and functionality? MICA: My Intelligent Communication Accessory. Fashion house Opening Ceremony teamed up with Intel to create a stylish and utilitarian wristwatch complete with a curved sapphire screen and built-in wireless radios. As a bonus, the promotional video stars the ultimate cool girl, Rashida Jones, as the Girl Boss we all want to work with.

3. Yes, we originally fell in love with Eva Chen during her tenure as Teen Vogue’s Beauty Director, but it’s her vibrant personality and obvious intelligence – not to mention her awesome #EvaChenPose daily Instagrams – that make us love her now! Even though this video is from July’s New York Internet Week, we recently discovered it, and loved every minute! Chen is charismatic and engaging as she discusses the impact of social media on the changing world of fashion.

4. This video is also sort of old news (it was delivered four weeks ago), but I would be remiss not to post it. Monica Lewinsky’s speech at the Forbes Under 30 Summit provides a jarring look into the effects of media scrutiny, bullying, and name-calling. We can all learn from Lewinsky’s experiences, from the power she gained through her vulnerabilities, and from the noble cause she is pursuing today.

5. Thirteen-year-old Ireland Hobert-Hoch of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, is making national headlines this week after refusing to be weighed in her junior high’s physical education class. Ireland declined to be weighed in front of her entire class, was sent to the office, and told school administrators she didn’t feel her weight was their business. Watch the De Moines Register’s interview with Ireland to get her perspective on the incident.

6. This newly released video from NASA tells the tale of a year in the life of global carbon emissions. The video is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it also provides some enlightening narrations that provide a glimpse into the interactions between the human community, the seasonal cycle, and C02. Most importantly, though, NASA scientists state that “we’re seeing higher concentrations of carbon dioxide accumulate in the atmosphere each year. This is contributing to the long-term trend of rising global temperatures.”

Image: Kristina Alexanderson