The Night I Learned What WYSIWYG Means

If I could go back in time and change a couple of the classes I took in college, I would add computer science to my schedule. It wasn’t until senior year that I realized how interested I was in coding and web development, but by then it was too late for me to add any more classes during spring semester. While it may have been too late in college, it is never too late in life. I discovered an awesome organization that teaches programs to women who want to learn software development called Girl Develop It. Last week, I attended a night class that taught the basics of web development, because I knew, well…basically nothing. I’ve blogged for years, but I have not spent much time coding. During the 2-hour class, I learned so much. There were a lot of terms and technologies, and while I wasn’t an expert when the class ended, I knew way more than I did 2 hours earlier. I left the Introduction to Web Development class feeling inspired and somewhat accomplished. It will be a while before I can successfully code my own (simple) website, but with the right tools, time, patience, and drive, I will get there. Have you ever been interested in coding or taken a programming class?

I want to share 5 of the long list of terms that I learned last week…these are common terms that you might have heard in passing:


There are great resources available if you are interested in learning how to code. Here are some programs that you might want to check out:

1. Girl Develop It – This organization promotes mentorship and hands-on experience for women interested in learning how to code.

2. Codecademy – Learn to code online by following Codecademy’s step-by-step instructions. Choose which code language you want to learn: Python, Ruby, JavaScript, APIs, HTML/CSS, or PHP.

3. Girls Who Code – Spend your summer learning all you can about coding and computer fields that may interest you.

4. Black Girls Code – Dedicate one day or one summer to learning programming. Workshops and events are offered for young girls of color (target demographic: African American, Latino, Native America) every month.

5. Udacity – Born out of Stanford University, Udacity offers online, higher education classes, which include Web Development, Design of a Computer Program, and HTML5 Game Development.

6. Code Racer – Using HTML and CSS, Code Racer teaches newcomers how to code a basic website through a multi-player live coding game.

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